The C.A.L.M. Society

(Committed Advocates Leading Many)

A CALM Donation

A fine donation for children.  In the late summer of 2018, members of the CALM Society, linked arms with John F. McCloskey Elementary  school, and donated fans for the entire building. 

Sensing a further need for this wonderful neighborhood school, CALM then decided to adopt it.

In that vein, 600 books we’re recently donated on our behalf to McCloskey, from Educators On Call, where Tara Aldrich is the owner and CEO.

The school was grateful for the donation, and CALM continues to partner with those who will help us to help them!


Pearls of Wisdom


Welcome to Pearls of Wisdom, a column that will provide simple tips and advice to families with children in schools. We will answer all questions wherever possible or guide you to where they are.

How to advocate for a child with learning disabilities

It can be daunting when we notice that our child may have a learning disability of some kind after observing them, so here is some advice that may help you moving forward.