The C.A.L.M. Society

The C.A.L.M. Society

The C.A.L.M. SocietyThe C.A.L.M. SocietyThe C.A.L.M. Society

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Sophia Saunders

CALM Society Member and Philadelphia Resident

The resources mentioned in this article are based on the Philadelphia School District, but the information is general for any school district.  These are just a few starters for parents and guardians to consider.  Our children and school staff at all schools benefit so much when parents, guardians, and our community members are involved throughout the school year. 

Every parent or guardian is encouraged to be involved with the Home and School Association (HSA), School Advisory Council (SAC), Parent - Teacher Association (PTA), or Friends group. Those are some of the groups that are crucial to the success of our schools. Consider giving your time, share your talents, and/or financial support/make purchases to partner with the teachers at your child’s school. Find out their needs, and how you and your community members can help them. For those students without a support system, we should try to assist them as much as possible to succeed too.

Pearls of Wisdom


Welcome to Pearls of Wisdom, a column that will provide simple tips and advice to families with children in schools. We will answer all questions wherever possible or guide you to where they are.

How to advocate for a child with learning disabilities

By Andrea Lawful Sanders

It can be daunting when we notice that our child may have a learning disability of some kind after observing them, so here is some advice that may help you moving forward.

As soon as you begin noticing discrepancies at home and school, address your concerns with the teacher, and start taking notes at home. Once the teacher puts extra supports in place, look for improvements in small ways as it takes time to see changes.