A donation that CALMed the soul

The CALM Society, was made aware of the dire need for fans, in many schools, in the Philadelphia school district. We asked for a list of the schools with the most needs, and voted to adopt one - McCloskey Elementary. While each CALM member purchased back to school supplies for the teachers in that school, we also paid for 10 fans, which were delivered one early August morning, by the President Chiquilla Holt, and member, Andrea Lawful Sanders, to McCloskey.  ​     

What these two women encountered, were shocked, happy and grateful teachers, and a building so hot, they promptly went and purchased another 16 fans, after being told by Principal Mr. John Spencer, that the additional fans, would help all the classrooms in his school. As an organization, we then took to social media, and asked other organizations or individuals, to purchase fans for their neighborhood schools, as a short term solution, until the District could assist with long term ones. That request, was met with more donations.         

We are happy to continue supporting families in our 13th year because we firmly believe, “Our future leaders begin at home.”

by Andrea Lawful-Sanders