Helping Our Young Adults Get The Most Out Of College


Now is the time for our college students to begin thinking about their futures beyond the college doors. It is important for them to obtain internship opportunities either in their home town or near their campus. These opportunities will give them applicable experience outside the classroom, which looks good on a resume.

What are some things, as parents, that we can do to encourage our young adults as they navigate college campuses?

Direct them to their Career Services office on campus. This is the place that they can find out about opportunities on campus and nearby. Some even have databases that are nationwide. This office will help them get their resume up to par and connect them to employers who are coming on campus. They will have an opportunity to go to career fairs; table set ups and workshops where employers will be presenting valuable information.

What are some other websites that students can use to locate internships in their career field?


Students should be checking their campus online system as well as asking their professors with in their major/field of interest and they can go to the company website to see if they have internship opportunities.

Encourage your students to get involved on campus and they can use that as practical experience too.

At the end of their time at school, a job within their field is what they will want and having some experience outside of the classroom is a great addition to anyone’s resume.

As always, continue to support your young adult during these years by asking them how they need to be supported.

By Tracey Hanton MA, CPRW