Teaching our children to make good decisions

Today‘s segment will delve into the recent college admissions scandal that has reverberated around the nation.

It is natural for parents to want their child to succeed and be competitive in school and life. What is not natural, comes when we make decisions short term, that can impact our children as they become adults. We know what the limits are to our children and their learning styles. Cultivate their strengths by teaching them to always try their best, ask for help when needed, and develop strong studying habits in elementary school so that it will not be a foreign concept in high school and beyond.

When they have earned a low grade, you may ask for the child to take the test or do the assignment again, but, resist the urge to demand that teachers give grade that are not earned. The lesson being taught through your actions, is that cheating is okay.

Lastly, remind them that failure is a learning tool, not the end of the world, and they will do better the next time. We are raising the future leaders of tomorrow and it can be done with your love and guidance.

by Andrea Lawful-Sanders